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According to the figures, there are 19 listed companies in Jinjiang, as well as 61 listed reserve enterprises. since this year, a number of Jinjiang enterprises have been listed. After many entrepreneurs enter the capital market to taste the sweetness, more enterprises are thinking: what time should the enterprise choose where to go on the market? What's the outlook for the gem listing? in this regard, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited stock capital market director Nie Rui said, after the global financial crisis after the adjustment of the market, is now a good time enterprises t cheap jordan shoes for men o enter Hongkong, until 2010, the global capital market is still a very good period to be listed, at the end of 2010, the latest completed in early 2011 listed. at present, many private enterprises in Jinjiang under a real controller, there are many business entities or legal entities, may engage in different business, or engaged in the same or similar business. Vice president of Guoxin Securities Investment Banking Department Wang Xiaogang believes that listed companies to be listed into the program, first need to determine a listed entity, "globally, with respect to the diversified enterprise, a single business is more popular." In addition, Wang cheap jordans for sale Xiaogang said that the securities regulatory authorities are very sensitive to whether the business of the enterprise is independent and that the listed companies should pay attention to it. for the main business of the enterprise and the clear packaging, Nie Rui said, the same type of companies listed in Hongkong, Jinjiang enterprises in the determination of the main business, the key to highlight the business core competitiveness of the industry, to reveal their own characteristics and growth, to attract attention from investors. (Editor: admin) news (reporter Jiang Yuefei) reporter was informed yesterday, Guangdong 17 prefecture level and abov Cheap air jordans for sale e cities have announced the region in 2007 wage guidance line. It is reported that the enterprise wage guidelines are all based on the overall plan of 2007 local economic and social development and overall arrangement and wage distribution requirements, combined with the macroeconomic situation prediction and the actual situation of economic and social development, considering the relevant factors between the measured basic wage growth and the development of society and economy, the price level, the level of employment and labor cost and enterprises economic efficiency and so on. Since in Guangdong since 1997 to establish enterprise wage guidelines syste cheap jordans for sale mens m, more than 21 prefecture level city, basically established the system, the basic form of a corporate wage guidelines and guidance wage levels for the labor market as the main body of the enterprise income distribution adjustment and guidance system. news reporter learned yesterday, the Guangdong minimum wage adjustment programs or introduced before the end of the year, the labor department has developed three sets of schemes for selection. The Provincial Department of Labor Security Labor Director Chen Siyi said that the minimum wage adjustment will be lower than the average of the last 17.8% levels, but will certainly be higher than the inflation rat cheap jordans online e, and the Guangdong GDP growth roughly flat, about 10%, the specific to the provincial government approved the plan shall prevail. Chen Siyi said that in accordance with the relevant national deployment, the minimum wage adjustment of the brewing Guangdong, mainly embodies three principles: one is the result of economic and social development of low-income persons sharing; two is to gradually raise the minimum wage, equivalent to the average wage ratio; the three is to consider the factors of rising prices. some experts put forward: "in the international community, the average monthly minimum wage should be equivalent to the average monthly wage of Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping 40%~60%, but there is no place in China to reach the lower limit of 40%."." In this regard, Chen Siyi said, this view is not necessarily applicable, for example, the United States minimum wage standards did not meet this standard. But since 1994, Guangdong has adjusted its minimum wage for 7 times. 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