Nike Kobe 9 KRM EXT will be launched at the end of 'Black Mamba' color, overall this can be said to be the genuine goods at a fair price Black Mamba snake scales, with the body of the shoe is reminiscent of the Nike Zoom Kobe 6, and then with mirror design to increase the shoes of the avant-garde sense, the annual finale for Kobe series this pair of shoes, will be the most close to the spokesman of the inspiration to show. tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o5_500tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o5_500 tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o4_500tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o4_500 tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o3_500tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o3_500 tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o2_500tumblr_nh1rxrEY6v1qzy5v0o2_500 news source: rockcitykicks believes that for the continued interest in NBA prospecting shoe that they are known as the 2014 draft annual draft will be how much anticipated, the young players in college basketball back at the same time, many of the poor performance of the team can not conceal their ambition, the most willing to cripple only in order to get the future ten years Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping to build the core team. In this group of players, in addition to the Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker of the two most frequently mentioned name, one from Australia PG Danté Exum, although no NCAA events after the baptism, still regarded as occupying a seat firmly in the draft lottery, not only the fans to see him have the strength, the brand side is pre emptive, released in the first day before us news also revealed that the adidas has to sign him, make him become the first brand shoes have the same ladder contract player. After became a member of Adidas Basketball family, he went to the United States Oregon Adidas headquarters, where in addition to a series of publicity preparations, Adidas professional R & D department also let Exum enjoy the top players of the high standard of courtesy, let him eye-opening from australia. In fact, the Australian boy's origins are not small. Exum's father, Cecil Exum, is one of the members of NCAA's North Carolina University, who won in 1982, and his teammates include Michael, Jordan and James Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping Worthy. And Exum's father, after graduating from college, although he also participated in the NBA draft, but decided to go to Australia in 1986 to develop his career, and in Australia to marry his wife, is also the birth of the birth of a small place. Follow the footsteps of his father, Exum, with its excellent innate talent into the Australian Institute of sport education, and is looking forward to become like Andrew Bogut and Patty Mills outstanding alumni, generally go to the basketball hall of the highest competition, but also to discover the potential of infinite Adidas star. In an exclusive interview with Exum and , Solecollector talked about personal anecdotes and opinions about the brand Adidas, which made people aware of how much the neighborhood boy was jumping at Tone. Although the mention of their usual preference simple in style, but love designer Jeremy Scott works; nearly two feet tall, the love of leisure activities was table tennis (also played well). Personality has full of amiable and easy of approach of ornamental sty cheap jordans online le, reminiscent of Adidas's signature star, but also the Exum idol - wind rose Derrick Rose. Believe in the near future although Nike Hyperdunk 2014 just listed, but has always been famous for its outstanding performance, this series does not seem to stop the pace of evolution. Nike announced the Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Low in the whole shoes today, the line is more nimble, low shoes let the overall flexibility improve again. Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Low first in the NIKEiD shelves, but other channels have not listed on the news, interested friends may as well try to create their own iD bar, source: SNEAKER NEWS may be a new inspiration in the eyes of the designer of any simple things to the car, airplane, boat shape; small flowers and trees to the side. This Nike SB Dunk High Premium by using the concept of "kraft paper bag", if you walk in the street, look right and left at may see with kraft paper bags with breakfast or daily necessities, because it is so common, it is applied to the design inspiration shoes are particularly outstanding instea Retro jordans for sale d. A little kraft paper bags the most distinctive is very easy because applied causing uneven crease in the paper on the outside, this pair of shoes is almost imitation kraft paper bag texture in this aspect, wearing shoes in more or less will cause the crease, but Xiaobian think this pair of shoes start full of wrinkles, may in a later can not come out, or who will make the double fold "kraft paper bag" more flavor. As for the paper bag, the Bounce shoe culture also provides more insights from foreign cultures. Nike SB Dunk series of shoes have been in the upper use many special creative inspiration, whether it is the snake, crocodile and even introduced before the glass art style have appeared, and the sole configuration of Zoom air cushion, in such conditions, many of the pursuit of appearance and comfortable shoe prospecting, is a good choice, now this pair of shoes have been sold abroad. source: EU kicksadidas Harden Vol. 1 is not just as a professional use of basketball shoes, but also be given a field with daily life style, ear cheap jordans for sale mens ly in the design and development of James Harden and Adidas have been put forward this request, it can be seen as' Cargo 'and' Gila Monster 'and other eye-catching with street work the color came into being, the double "Grayvy" and the forthcoming recently is a more introverted low-key feeling, bring a kind of quiet atmosphere. , " It's, a, different, level, here.", right, #HardenVol1, Grayvy, drops, tomorrow., ? A, post, shared, by, Adidas, Basketball (@adidashoops), on, Feb 28, 2017, at, 10:02am, PST "It" s a different level right here.We tried to find a shoe that would give me that swag.That s how the gray was created ", it all flows.You look good, you play good." for this pair of new color, James Harden is so said, perhaps soon have the opportunity to see the beard on the sidelines for us demonstration with it. Harden Vol. grey yarn 1 "Grayvy" shoe body staggered to create detailed shades of stone like appearance as the collocation foil on translucent outsole, do not have that kind of fighting spirit on the pitch fierce confrontati cheap foamposites on, is more leisure and cozy feeling. The United States is scheduled for March 1st listing, price of US $140 in Taiwan, if the current message will share in the station listing report. source: adidas / Sneaker NewsThe world's top player Cristiano Ronaldo gives the fastest boots inspired by Nike history continues to be famous for its history of soccer shoes, and the new generation of Mercurial soccer shoes introduced by the Nike is a perfect match for the speed requirements of today's soccer games. Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid by the unveiling of the new Mercurial Superfly football shoes, after four years of development research laboratory Nike movement, its design insights on the speed of the driving source for the world's fastest players, it was born in order to change football speed. Mercurial was first introduced in 1998, and the original Mercurial represents an unprecedented and advanced design that laid the foundation for Nike's position as an innovation leader in the football industry. Nike heavy launch of the new Mercurial Supe Cheap air jordans for sale rfly is not only an advanced football boots, but also on the football field, the definition of speed leap again. 2014 Mercurial Superfly with a new design innovation in football shoes performance has been the rapid leap, and can help the players to reach new heights, "Nike president and chief executive Mark Parker said: the meeting in madrid. "Mercurial Superfly the outline design bold new, used and benefited from the Nike of Flyknit technology, it will become the preferred type of game player speed boots." is innovative for players Mercurial sneakers have become synonymous with speed when they come out. Mercurial Superfly who is always one step ahead of the competition and took the lead in the game players and design. It helps release the player's potential and helps the player seize the moment to open up the game. , "innovation for the best player in the game is the soul of Nike and our foundation," said Nike brand President Trevor Edwards at the conference. "As the players are getting faster and stronger, we are constantly challengi cheap jordan shoes for men ng ourselves and trying to keep improving, because the value of sports is moving on, and so does the Nike brand." "as the Brazil Football Festival draws near, today is the peak of our journey," added Trevor Edwards. "It's an innovative journey, and the passion for soccer is our motivation.". The players are the inspiration for our design, and I, like them, go all out and have no reservations about the world cup. Because when the eyes of the world focus on you, you must come up with the bestadidas Chicago bulls star Derrick Rose hometown of Chicago, the area code is 773, and the name of the Adidas to create a sub series for him, Rose means to carry home look, regardless of when in the course of striving for the highest honor! The latest Rose 773 Light color matching with the Bulls Jersey classic black and red building, and the use of SPRINT WEB and SPRINT FRAME, so that the shoes have excellent coating and stability, the previous Rose comeback is the Bulls play or Butler players are wearing this, small actual set after the impression is Retro jordans for sale most profound the ankle covered quite comfortable, and the performance of NT$3690 such pricing is quite affordable, Taiwan has been listed, you are looking for prospecting shoe boots may be included in one of the options. Jordan Brand is expected to launch next spring shoes, contains three different themes, including "Alternate" series of expression for Jordan was not intended to put on standby PE shoes, so the use of color is not difficult to find there has a classic color shadow. 1989 is the birth of the Air Jordan 4, so the inner heel section with related words echoed the year, imagine by such a simple neat red and white as the main presentation style, if collocation bulls home court No. 23 master game run, that is how pleasant a figure ah. source: jordansdaily.comThis commemorative first crown of the Air Jordan 6 "First Championship" appeared at eBay, in the stunning details of the shoe details, the sale price of ten thousand yuan is also quite surprising. White leather shoes as the main body, the blessing of the 3M reflection e cheap jordans for sale ffect to highlight the unique charm, in the end to "dress up, collocation blue crystal bottom. The overall performance is also accompanied by the unusual price of the skyprice, and the interested friends can click to see the details.NBA regular season ending day, but still a team fighting for a playoff tickets. Today the Grizzlies opponent Walker was one of them. But today the bear in the home to defend the victory, the playoffs ranked fifth in the west, while the walk is in the eastern ninth missed the playoffs. In addition to the game itself, the Green - Geoff in the game on the foot of the shoe is also attracted a lot of people's eye. A fairly new Jordan Air 5 "Navy Midnight" color to help him in today's game to cut the performance of 14 points, and the official launch of the shoe will have to wait until May 2nd, please look forward to it! search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! Source: NBA& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] coincides with the global sports brand 50th anniversary of leader Nike born, British media has produced a report on Nike 50 years of commercial information table, "Business Insider" from pick up a few pieces of little-known secret history. 1) to Blue Ribbon Sports Nike initially in the form of a Japanese shoe brand Onitsuka Tiger (now known as ASICS), a distributor founded in 1964, it was renamed in 1971 after Nike Inc .. 2) when the company established there are only $ 1,200 in the bank, founded by the track coach Bill Bowerman and middle and long distance athletes from Portland, he studied at the University of Oregon's Phil Knight. 3) Knight initially wanted the company named "Dimension 6", and "Nike" name originates from the Greek goddess of victory, pronounced "ny'-kee", the Nike's first employee Jeff Johnson wanted out of the name. 4) Nike's first pair of shoes from waffles baking pan. In 1971, when Bowerman and his wife at breakfast making waffles together a eureka moment, think of the first shoes innovative ideas: Players will be produced into a groove shape soles, to help athletes increase the grip on the track. This gave birth to the "Nike Waffle Trainer" series, patented in 1974 (only the Bowerman wife spent one waffle baking pan of money). 5) Nike early "swoosh" series designed by Portland State University student Carolyn Davidson, for only $ 35 (equivalent to the present value of more than 200 US dollars). Since then she has received stock is now worth more than $ 640,000. 6) Nike logo of the slogan "Just Do It" was inspired by the serial killer Gary Gilmore in 1977 before being execution of a sentence saying "Let's do it". 2009 called "Art & amp; Copy" ad documentary disclose this fact. 7) first "Just Do It" campaign launched in 1988. Advertising the film, a 80-year-old high-time runners up who ran Walt Stack slow the Golden Gate Bridge. 8) According to "Forbes" the data show, although since 2003 after Michael Jordan never played a professional game, every year he still earned $ 60 million from Nike's royalties, which makes him the largest endorsement deal with Nike athletes have. 9) 1972, the Romanian professional tennis player Ilie Nastase was the first to sign an endorsement deal with Nike athletes. Nastase is a gifted tennis player, but also because of erratic temper and became notorious throughout his career gathering a fine, suspension and disqualification such incidents. 10) in the "Career in Sports" one wrote, Nike 1987 ?? Air Max series of ads using the Beatles song "Revolution", this is the first Beatles song to be used in TV commercials in. 11) the world's largest Nike store is not in the United States, but in London's Oxford Street. Construction cost 10.5 million pounds, across 3 floors, about 42,000 square feet. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)