& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] French fashion brand APC will work together with the sports brand Nike 6th with the introduction of the new 2014 spring quarter Blazer shoes. Based on Nike's classic Blazer Tall contour in the design of the APC full signature style minimalist style into one, using milk and white canvas shoes with white leather heel and Swoosh, white laces and white outsole, on cheap jordans for sale ly dark blue edging made as a comparison. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.) mastermind Japan Masaaki Homma presided over by Japanese street fashion brand mastermind Japan, one of the representative figures in the world of the trend of Hong Kong Jan lamb personal interpretation of the 2016 summer series lookbook. Retro jordans for sale this season design without the use of the old large skull designs, but in character design primarily, and clothing buttons, zipper buckle details on adding a skull pattern, showing a brand low-key style. Jan lamb is the mastermind Japan simple black, white two color text T-shirt, tie-in Khaki suede variation version denim jacket suite, army green short chapter embroidered coat, red hit black checkered hoodies, etc., then take SUIC Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping OKE joint sandals in the and leather shoes, Jan lamb's on the other side! All the clothing mastermind JAPAN this season has been on sale in mastermind JAPAN MMJ MACAU. source: HYPEBEASTin the past few years, MIZUNO to follow the trend of the development of a super fiber material to the main speed of the football shoes Basara. Frankly speaking, Basara is not unexpected, Mizuno although known to the world as high-quality kangaroo foo cheap foamposites tball shoes, but Basara also helped to improve the integrity of the product line, the brand's future very helpful. Basara 101 as the second generation of products, from the scientific and technological content of the same price as other big names, but the current level of recognition is still low. and Mizuno's Morelia compared, Basara's masthead and worth is not so loud, star endorsement also only Leicester City of Okazaki can tak Retro jordans for sale e the hit. Since it is located in the speed of football shoes vamp uses the current popular Primeskin, and compared to the material compared to the previous softness and smoothness of improve the lot, with leather touch. shoes body transparent stripes showing sagittate arrangement, in upper required friction force, and also let the appearance of the whole shoe is full of sharp sense of speed, in line with its position. The shoe is cheap jordan shoes for men relatively full, rounded, upturned thumb for users. But it is equipped with the "rolls" unilateral package tongue for those high instep and wide foot is still very picky. outsole hobnail retained the innovative design of a generation of Basara, and other speed type soccer shoes main line at different speeds, Basara outsole designed specifically for the high speed running towards the provision of help. The core design of this kind cheap jordans for sale mens of difference competition is Basara, just to see whether we buy it. to remind everyone, Basara outsole although full of new ideas, but spike is relatively stout, site in the irrational case may is difficult to play a role, so it is better to be recommended for use in site. source: OUOU, FOOTY& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] Recently, the court concluded along Lake sale of counterfeit trademark Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping goods case, the defendant Tang cases of counterfeiting registered trademarks and Zhou the domestic online purchases of goods, by Yahoo Japan, Rakuten, Amazon and other sites in Japan within a year turnover of more than 400 million. 37-year-old Tang is Wuxi, due to frequent job-hopping, work is not liking. In May 2011, he met a through QQ chat Chinese people in Japan, "Hui." Through chat, he found that there are a lot of people se cheap jordans online lling things in the country through the Internet site in Japan, sales of goods produced in China are counterfeit designer goods. This was just not working let Tangmou themselves. A month later, Tang rented a room in the district, the acquisition of office supplies and recruited two Japanese-speaking customer service, "catch" to start a business. In order to do more business, Tang has gradually rented a number of houses were used Cheap air jordans for sale as the customer service office and warehouse, and the recruitment of several customer service and warehouse manager. With the increasing size of the team, Tang in November 2011 registered a "Wuxi Zhao Chen economic and trade consulting services." So far, the "arm" total of three warehouse manager, seven support staff and two support staff, as well as 20 sets of computers for purchases and sales. Tang main online sales "PO-LO", counterfeit trademark "Nike", "Reebok" and other well-known brands of merchandise. A pair of genuine "Nike" Men want to sell more than 800 yuan in the mall, or a thousand dollars, but Tang purchase price but as long as 64 yuan. Then he price of 20% of profits to sell online. When July 5, 2012 Tang arrested just over a year, his turnover has reached 40 million. Law enforcement officers also seized on the spot Tangmou warehouse, including "Le Pen", "Reebok", "UGG" and other well-known brands, including counterfeit goods, worth a total of RMB 20 million. After justice, Tang confessed to the crime. After the court hearing that Tang knowingly selling counterfeit trademark goods, and sell a huge amount of money, commodity charges of selling counterfeit registered trademark crime was established. Tang was eventually sentenced to 2 years and 6 months, suspended for three years. Judge, in recent years has been cross-border online shopping hot criminality sale of counterfeit trademark goods also will be more and more showing a trend of internationalization. Reminded the public to raise awareness of IPR protection --- fake brand-name cross-border transactions is a criminal offense. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partner: Apparel IT & nbsp;)